Ovivo® ECO-MAT® Membrane Thickener

The Ovivo® ECO-MAT® Membrane Thickener is a pre-packaged system capable of achieving 4% thickened sludge, without the use of chemicals. Unique in its class, the system differentiates from other thickeners currently on the market, being complete with controls, instrumentation, blowers and pumps. Incorporating proven flat plate submerged membrane, this 'single source' solution provides an efficient method of sludge thickening.
  • Thickens waste activated sludge up to 4.5%
  • Provides the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Expands existing capacity or minimizes new tank construction
  • Offers proven reliability
  • Designs are tailored to meet each facilities needs

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Waste activated sludge. Almost all wastewater plants produce it, but finding an effective and efficient means of thickening that waste sludge is a challenge for many owners. The Ovivo Eco-MAT membrane thickening system offers owners a simple, reliable and robust means for thickening waste activated sludge up to 4.5% in a compact footprint.

  • Thickens sludge to a higher concnetration with more consistency than alternative thickening technologies
  • Eliminates costs related to polymer or coagulants
  • Can easily retrofit into existing basins or arrive onsite in a self-contained “plug and play” skid
  • More membrane thickening systems installations than all other manufactueres combined
  • Systems can be optimized to help manage nutrients, lower hauling volumes or minimize staffing requirements

With over a decade of experience designing and installing membrane thickening systems, Ovivo is the recognized industry leader in the field. This experience allows us to provide our owners with systems that reliably thicken solids without the need for polymer or coagulants. Whether your plant is a greenfield or a retrofit application Ovivo’s membrane thickening technology can minimize costs of construction by providing owners with ready-to-operate systems that are simple and easy to install.

Waste activated sludge is wasted directly from the liquid treatment process into a fine screen and emptied into the sludge holding tank (SHT). The screened flow is transferred at a rate of 4Q into the membrane thickener (MBT) tank via a pump. Sludge is thickened typically up to 3.0% solids by the MBT by pulling clean water through the membrane leaving solids behind. Because of the quality of filtration by the membrane, the permeate from the thickener may be combined with the treated effluent flow that is to be sent to disinfection instead of recycling back to the headworks of the treatment facility. The thickened sludge from the membrane thickener is transferred over a weir back into the sludge holding tank.

Is there any difference between the membranes Ovivo uses for MBRs vs those for membrane thickeners?

No, Ovivo uses the same membranes for liquid and solids treatment. The difference lies in how we apply the membranes. In a typical MBR application a flux rate of 15 gallons per square foot of membrane material per day is normal. As the solids in a membrane thickener are much higher than they are in an MBR we derate or lower the flux rate for thickeners to approximately 5 gallons per square foot of membrane material per day to prevent premature fouling.

I want to lower my sludge hauling costs but don’t have a lot of money to spend on equipment, does Ovivo have any financing options availbe for membrane thickening?

Yes, on a case-by-case basis Ovivo will work with owners who have well established hauling data to provide our equipment at no upfront capital cost. The owner still has to pay for equipment installation but the cost of the equipment itself is financed through savings generated by the lower number of sludge loads being taken out of the facility.

Don’t membranes need a lot of ancillary equipment?

Not really. Besides the membranes themselves all a membrane thickening system really needs is a fine screen, blower and permeate pump. This is very comparable to a mechanical thickening device and its need for a polymer system and feed pumps.

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