OptiReg™ Buffering and pH Adjustment

The OptiReg range of chemicals includes an extensive range of acids and alkalis in both solid and liquid form. These products are used to regulate the pH of an effluent to meet wastewater discharge limits.

OptiReg Buffering Agents

The OptiReg™ technology significantly enhances the solid-liquid separation process in aqueous media by aiding either in the coagulation or flocculation process. The OptiReg agent can also be used to adjust the pH of industrial wastewaters prior to final discharge to meet trade waste discharge limits.

  • OptiReg buffering agents are totally water soluble
  • Can be dosed into wastewater systems at a variety of locations, such as the adjusting the pH of a DAF reaction tank
  • Available in bulk containers with a 2 year shelf life
  • Competitive pricing

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