FoamExit™ Anti-Foams

FoamExit™ technology is a range of specialized chemicals that reduce and hinder the formation of foam that can often be produced by industrial water treatment processes.

FoamExit™ Anti-Foams

FoamExit products are active silicone compounds, specifically formulated as an antifoam for aqueous and non-aqueous applications. They can be used as a defoamer in the manufacture of food packaging materials, as a lubricant, and as a secondary direct-food additive. They also have broad applications in most water treatment situations.

  • A range of anti-foam agents for aqueous and non-aqueous applications
  • The FoamExit range provides foam control in all industrial applications
  • Available in a range of packaging, including 25 kg pails, 200 kg drums and 1000kg IBC
  • Competitive pricing

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FoamExit Data Sheets

  • Product Brochure 1

    FoamExit 8001

    FoamExit 8001 is a 30% active silicone compound

  • Product Brochure 2

    FoamExit 8002

    FoamExit 8002 is a 10% active silicone compound

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