EnviroFloc™ Polymers

The EnviroFloc range of advanced products is used to achieve superior flocculation in solution. All types of anionic, cationic and non-ionic products are available in both powder and liquid form.

A wide range of polymers / flocculants for industrial and wastewater applications

Some impurities in water (and wastewater) are exceptionally fine and should not be allowed to settle naturally. Bringing those particulates together to form larger particles that settle more readily is required, but often difficult to achieve. Flocculation is the process of creating conditions for particulates to come together to form flocs. The flocs readily settle and produce quality treated water. You can rely on Ovivo’s expertise and equipment for your flocculation needs.

The EnviroFloc™ technology is a range of anionic and cationic powder and liquid polymers available for a wide variety of industrial water and wastewater applications such as clarification, thickening, floatation and dewatering.

  • EnviroFloc polymers significantly enhance the solid-liquid separation process and can be used in conjunction with coagulants to promote larger floc size
  • A range of anionic and cationic flocculants that can be supplied as powder or emulsions depending on the case-by-case application
  • The EnviroFloc range provides clarification, thickening, floatation and dewatering in all industrial applications
  • Available in a range of package sizes from 15L pails to bulk bag deliveries
  • Competitive pricing

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