MGR MOVEXTM Technology

Ovivo hold patents for a number of process enhancements including separate pure water collection, chemical distribution systems, the raw water resin regeneration process and the external regeneration system known as MOVEX. Using the MGR MOVEX system, exhausted ion exchange resins are transported into special vessels where a higher degree of regeneration is possible and contamination of the pure water by regenerants is entirely avoided.

MOVEX is a cost saving mixed bed technology with external regeneration technology. External regeneration of resins has the advantage of virtually no cross-contamination of the ion exchange resins by regeneration chemicals, and the physical separation of operating system and chemical handling. One central external regeneration unit can serve different operating mixed bed vessels.

Simple, highly effective mixed bed technology with external resin regeneration in a separated cation and anion regeneration vessel. Resin transport between the polishing unit and the regeneration station over distances of more than 100 m is possible.

  • Low cost
  • Low footprint
  • Simple set-up
  • Fully automatic
  • Decades of track record of successful operation

The mixed bed filter itself is working as a polisher only. When the mixed bed resins are exhausted, they are transported with water to the regeneration station. Here cation and anion resins are separated and regenerated separately by acid and caustic in two different regeneration vessels. This separate regeneration ensures that nearly no cross-contamination takes place, which ensures high quality of the polished condensate. After regeneration and rinsing, the resins are mixed again and are now ready for transport back into the polishing vessel. If an extra regenerated resin charge is kept on store in the second regeneration vessel, the down time of the mixed bed can be reduced to the time needed for resin transport to and from the regeneration unit.

Movex Flow Diagram

Movex regeneration column

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