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Ovivo Australia is a technological solution provider to the Oil and Gas industry. Ovivo offers practical solutions to treat process and produced water effectively for water reuse/recycling, and to meet EPA regulatory compliance. Ovivo has the technical expertise to assist the oil and gas industry in treating all types of wastewater, including "produced water" from gas wells.
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Treating water in the oil and gas industry has many facets. Locations are often remote, conditions harsh and some sites, like offshore platforms, are by necessity, self-contained with limited space for equipment and personnel. Additionally, water must go through several phases of treatment before it can be used in further process treatments or as produced water. Therefore, water quality requirements for the oil and gas industry are especially stringent and there is little room for error.

Ovivo has developed solution packages for every stage of oil and gas water treatment – from the removal of solids content and liquid-liquid separation to multi-layer filtration that offers 95% removal of 2-5 micron abstraction of both oil droplets and solids. Our equipment designs are site-specific, have a small footprint, and are constructed according to ASME, ANSI and NACE industry standards.

  • Supply of primary treatment equipment – solid-liquid hydrocyclones, liquid-liquid hyrdocyclones, skimmer vessels and corrugated plate interceptors.
  • Supply of secondary treatment equipment – vertical and multi-cell horizontal induced gas flotation units.
  • Supply of tertiary treatment equipment – multimedia micro, ultra and nano filters, nutshell filters, coalescers, reverse osmosis (RO) systems and chemical. dosing
  • Fresh water makers.


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Bespoke compact and light water and wastewater packages for offshore duties are a specialty of Ovivo. Where every kilogram and square meter of footprint saved dramatically reduces in rig costs, our advanced technologies create real value.

Across the world, Ovivo recommends and implements systems that are designed to meet the specific needs of each project site and secure the best value, for our customers.

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