Ovivo is a supplier of bulk industrial chemicals able to offer the best advice as to how to get the most out of the water or wastewater treatment system is the original equipment manufacturer who provided the equipment. The OEM understands the equipment and process intimately and can be trusted to recommend the most appropriate solution to keep the plant running efficiently and effectively.
EnviroFloc™ Polymers
EnviroFloc™ technology is range of advanced products used to achieve superior flocculation in solution. All types of flocculants are available.
FoamExit™ Anti-Foams
A range of anti-foam agents for aqueous and non-aqueous applications.
Coagulant Tank
HYBIND™ Coagulants
A range of coagulants for a wide variety of water clarification applications.
OdourExit™ Odour Neutralising Agents
OdourExit products are high performance odour neutralising agents.
OptiReg™ Buffering and pH Adjustment
TheOptiReg range of chemicals includes an extensive range of acids and alkalis in both solid and liquid form.
ScaleExit™ Antiscalents
Prevents mineral scale formation in all types of water treatment systems.