Band Screen

Band screens are the most efficient means of removing suspended solids for primary wastewater applications fro raw water intake and cooling water treatment. The fully automatic operation requires minimal operator intervention resulting in reduced operating costs. Pre-packaged unit allows for ease of installation and the increased capture ratio boosts plant efficiency.
Brackett Green® CF200® Band Screen
Brackett Green® CF200® band screens offer the highest screening efficiency due to our patented technology, which eliminates hair pinning. The central flow pattern is most effective in removing suspended solids from wastewater and removes the problem of "carryover" found in other types of screens. Screenings are retained on the inside of the panels and are discharged by low pressure water jets. Our advanced design makes Brackett Green® band screens an ideal solution for any screening application.
Brackett Green® Straight Through Traveling Band
Brackett Green® straight through traveling band screens are designed for raw water intakes, where continuous and efficient solids removal is required.